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We have been asked – why Buccaneer Bay?  We wanted something that was distinctly Caribbean, and particularly from the history of the Dominican Republic.
Although we tend to think of Buccaneers as bloodthirsty pirates, they actually started out as simple hunters.
The word Buccaneer is an English version of the Spanish Bucanero.  The early Bucanero’s were landless people – they didn’t farm, they hunted and fished.  They built little cooking frames for their cooking and curing their meat which were called a buccan.


Their meat of choice was often the wild boar – to this day it is traditional in the Dominican Republic to roast pigs on a spit.  Thus the choice of a wild boar for our pennant.  Of course, the history of rum on the island dates back to the early days too, but it was not until the 1800’s that rum began to be produced on the Island.
Rum’s association with piracy began with British privateers trading on the valuable commodity. As some of the privateers became pirates and buccaneers, their fondness for rum remained.

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The story behind our products

When you think about Rum, you probably can’t help but think of pirates.  But actually, the association of rum with the Royal Navy began in 1655, when the British fleet captured the island of Jamaica. With the availability of domestically produced rum, the British changed the daily ration of liquor given to seamen from French brandy to rum.  We believe that a daily Rum Ration was an excellent idea!
Navy Rum was originally a blended rum mixed from rums locally produced in the West Indies.

Hard Lemonade: While the ration was originally given neat, or mixed with lime juice, (i.e. in the form of a Hard Lemonade) the practice of watering down the rum began around 1740.

Hard Iced Tea: To help minimize the effect of the alcohol on his sailors, Admiral Edward Vernon had the rum ration watered producing a mixture that became known as grog.  We envision some of the sailors mixing their grog with leftover tea to make it stretch a little further.  This is the basis for our Hard Iced Tea.

Cannonball Rum: Crews generally had no regular wages, being paid only from their shares of the plunder, a system called “no purchase, no pay”.  However the naval tradition of a daily rum ration persisted.  But some Captains began to water down the rum to the point that it was undrinkable – not even as grog.  The crafty sailors figured out that if the rum was a high enough percentage of alcohol, that it would burn brightly when lit.  This being “proof” that it had not been watered down.  In time the men figured that if they poured rum over gunpowder, the gunpowder would still burn bright and hot if the rum was proper strength.  This practice became the basis for our Cannonball Rum.

Spiced Rum:  As you can imagine back in those days, some of the rum would have been quite unpalatable without being infused with something else.  Adding a variety of flavors and spices to some of the barrels of rum would have made them quite enjoyable, particularly for any ship’s passengers, or of course – the officers.  Although our oak aged rum is delicious on it’s own, what harm is there in enhancing the flavor a bit?  None at all – that’s why we think you will LOVE our amazing Spiced Rum.

Other Flavors: the Dominican Republic is home to an amazing variety of fruit.  The island is much larger than you might imagine, and so contains the ecosystems to grow just about everything.  Coconuts, pineapples, mangoes, papaya, passion fruit, grapes, dates, lemons, limes, oranges, blood oranges are just a few of the flavors we can add to our drinks.  The Island is also well-known for it’s delicious coffee and cocoa – which will be the basis of two more delicious cocktails in the near future.

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“but does it burn brightly?  I want proof!”

our company culture

What is a Buccaneer if not a Pirate?


A hundred years before the French Revolution, the buccaneer companies were run on lines in which liberty, equality and fraternity were the rule. In a buccaneer camp, the captain was elected and could be deposed by the votes of the crew. The crew, and not the captain, decided whether to attack a particular ship, or a fleet of ships. Spoils were evenly divided into shares; the captain received an agreed amount for the ship, plus a portion of the share of the prize money, usually five or six shares.

We believe that this spirit of equality and fraternity are a great way to run a company.  Everybody should be able to share in company profits, and the work – although difficult and tiresome at times, can still be enjoyable when shared with like-minded people.  Company direction should be decided by those who have a vested interest.
Rum, roast pork, ocean breezes, creaking masts, salt air, citrus…all a part of the Caribbean – things that we have tried to embody in our Caribbean Cocktails and Infused Rums.
We hope that you enjoy our hand-crafted drinks – that they bring a little Caribbean sunshine into your life, with a hint of adventure and excitement!