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We want you to help us plot our course…

Because you ARE our business


Buccaneer Bay is a company for the people, by the people.  We cannot exist and thrive without you and your input.  What flavor should we produce next, which market (country) should we ship to next?

These are important questions that you can help us to answer.  Of course, we want this journey to be fun and profitable for ALL involved, including you, so we will reward the top suggestions with Aye! Candy, or other Buccaneer booty.  (Such as drinks where permitted)

The rules are simple, you need to be of drinking age in the country where you currently reside in order to participate, and you must sign-up as a Bilge Rat so that we have your legal address and proof of age (via a credit card).  Don’t worry, we do not keep ANY credit card information on file – all payments are handled by PayPal.

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Aye! Candy

Buccaneer Bay Gear


We know that you would like to have some Buccaneer Bay gear!  And we are committed to sharing with our friends and family…our fellow Buccaneers.

Of course being an impatient Buccaneer doesn’t lend itself to waiting for free gear, so you can head over to our Aye! Candy page, where you can find gear that can easily be purchased.


I’ll not wait for my reward!

our current polls

Our Next Flavor

What exotic flavor should we feature next?  Should it be a frozen drink?  A shot? A flavored rum?  Or a cocktail?  YOU decide…the voices of the many will be heard!

Our logo

While we are quite fond of our “Wild Boar” logo, and we have received a lot of positive feedback on it…is it the BEST logo for Buccaneer Bay?  You help us decide!

You can do this by voting on our logo choices, or by submitting ideas for a completely different logo, or, if you are a designer/artist, submit your original artwork.  If we choose your logo, you will be rewarded!

Our Rum Bottle

While we do like the size and shape of our existing rum bottles, we have received a LOT of feedback suggesting a more authentic old-time bottle.  And as any Buccaneer knows, few things are more satisfying than pulling a cork out of a bottle.  (Sometimes even using your teeth!)  What type of bottle would you like to see our Premium Spiced Rum and Cannonball Rum in?