Hydrate M8

Hydrate m8

Secret Hydration/Re-Hydration Formula


We are all well aware of the need to keep ourselves hydrated.  Especially during hot summer days, when we are at the gym or otherwise exerting ourselves.

We know that dehydration can be the cause of many health problems – both short and long term.

We also know that drinking alcohol can speed up dehydration, as can long flights etc.

Our patented Hydrate M8 formula includes all of the electrolytes required to keep our body hydrated under the most trying conditions.  It is ALL NATURAL.  We include most of the ingredients of Hydrate M8 in all of our mixed cocktails – but now we are happy to announce that we will soon be shipping Hydrate M8 in 2 oz shots.

Hydrate M8 is perfect for ANY circumstance that can lead to dehydration.

Hydrate M8

When should you take it?

Whenever you are facing a situation that could lead to dehydration:

High temperature days

Before or after flying (helps reduce jet-lag)

After drinking any amount of alcohol

Before or after exerting yourself

After drinking a few cups of coffee

Before ANY pirate battles