Everyone loves the mystery, the excitement, the allure of Buccaneers!  We do too.
In the days of the past, a captain would hire a crew with the promise of riches and adventure.  Many fortunes were made during those adventures at sea.
Some crafty Captains set themselves up as traders – they would sail into ports that had an abundance of something (such as Rum), and then they would carry that to a place that required Rum (basically everywhere – I mean who doesn’t require rum?)
Some even became “Rum Runners”, buying up Rum where it was legal, and taking it to the shores of countries where it was not in order to sell at a premium price.
That’s called supply and demand.

Here we are in the Caribbean, a place that is plentiful with the makings of rum, and all of the natural ingredients to produce delicious mixed drinks. Supply.

Where is the demand?  While you can buy some ready to go mixed drinks –all of the ones we have seen have been loaded with unnatural ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup.  The demand is everywhere that people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but without missing out on some of the tasty treasures that are out there. Demand.

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