Our Crew

The Captain

Sean Rogers

Descended from a long line of rum runners, our captain has traveled the globe in search of the best spiced rum.

Although there are some decent attempts, none have ever measured up to the family recipe, the last measure of which was poured more than 100 years ago. 

His travels eventually took him to the heart of the Caribbean, where he was disappointed to find a distinct lack of refreshing rum drinks.

Being a man of action, he decided that if a premium spiced rum, and refreshing grog drinks were not readily available – then he would have to just make them himself.


Where is the rum?

The Captain’s Table

Advisory Board for Buccaneer Bay.
There are 8 seats around the captain’s table for his closest advisers.   Obviously the Captain occupies one of the seats, his first mate the other…but who are the other  6 advisers?

Business development, ownership and innovation!

– Captain Long

“Sales, marketing!”

– The Surfer

Sales, marketing, branding

– The Quartermaster

A bit of a mystery woman, this lady is remarkably skilled at marketing, branding and product placement.  

Design and engineering

– The Meister

Mixology, blending, fixing

– The Doctor


The Carrier Pigeon

Our Ship

The Buccanero

Ship’s Cargo

  • Premium Spiced Rum
  • Cannonball Rum
  • Barrels of spices and tea
  • A full complement of hand-crafted, all natural Caribbean Cocktails
  • Buccaneer Swag (to keep the locals happy)
  • A parrot (with a few missing feathers)

Our Founders

 Sean Rogers

Michael MacLean 

They see the vision…they don’t want the rum to be gone.

A group of like-minded entrepreneurs, our founders share the vision of a world where premium spiced rum is available to all.  Where the premixed cocktails are hand-crafted using only the finest all-natural ingredients, resulting in tasting, refreshing, satisfying drinks.

our officers

Michael MacLean – First Mate

Chad Romanick – Master Chief

Made up of some of the finest scalawags the world has to offer, our officers are renowned for their ability to keep the wind in the sails.

Keeping the crew in check is never an issue, since they are supplied a daily ration of our notoriously good Cannonball Rum.

Having a slightly more refined palate, our officers expect nothing but the finest spiced rum on the market for their daily ration!

First Mate
Master Chief
Chief Engineer
Ship’s Doctor
Master Runner

our crew

John Hines








Milady Dewinter








Alex Busier

Cyrus Rosvold (aka “Dawg”)







Bilge Rats

James Rogers

Arlin Webster

Nadine Rosvold

Terry Feeny

Andria Feeny