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A good rum doesn’t need a mixer, and a bad one doesn’t deserve it. 


Rumbuka is a delightful blend of star anise (licorice) and organic coffee infused premium rum. A little sweeter than our other rum, but not too sweet. If you have ever had a flaming Sambuca shot, you will immediately recognize the flavor of Rumbuka.



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Enjoy it warm in a wide-mouthed glass so that you can savor the delicate notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.  You might also be able to detect a hint of orange and licorice – but who are we to say that?  Find out for yourself.

This premium rum can also be enjoyed in a glass over ice, or mixed with your favorite beverage.  

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A premium dark rum that has been infused with the delicious flavors of cinnamon, pepper and a hint of nutmeg.  We think you will agree that this rum creates an explosion of flavor in your mouth with a warm smoky aftertaste.
We recommend that you enjoy this rum as a shot.



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Premium rum infused with roasted Dominican coffee and pure vanilla bean.



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canadian maple spice


Premium rum infused with pure Canadian Maple Syrup and spices.    


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