Aye! Candy

Aye! Candy

Buccaneer Bay Gear


We know that you would like to have some Buccaneer Bay gear!  And we are committed to sharing with our friends and family…our fellow Buccaneers.

Of course being an impatient Buccaneer doesn’t lend itself to waiting for free gear, so here on our Aye! Candy page, you can find gear that can easily be purchased.


Walk the plank! Opinions matter…




Hydrate M8

Hydrate M8 will help prevent dehydration, or help you to re-hydrate whenever necessary.

6-pack of 2 oz Bottles



Unisex Moisture wicking T-shirts.

(Because it’s not right to be a sweaty swashbuckler!


Water Bottles

Vacuum-sealed stainless steel 591 ml water bottle.
Keeps your cocktails cold, or your rum and hot-chocolate hot!